Tracking and Recovery
of your vehicle

Roadremote uses the same Global Positioning System (GPS) that the U.S. military uses for tracking their assets. We combine this technology with an advanced wireless communications system to provide state of the art theft recovery and auto alarm in one. The Roadremote interactive control panel lets you track your own car over the internet via GPS. You can see its location and direction of travel in real time.

This GPS vehicle tracking system and car alarm works in conjunction with your home or laptop computer to communicate vital information to you about your automobile and its security system in real time.

Teenage Drivers

Are you concerned with your children's well-being and the cost associated with higher insurance premiums? You no longer need to wonder what they are up to when they borrow the car. You will always have complete acces to the car's location and any of their speeding violations through this GPS vehicle tracking system.
Spouse’s Safety

Now you can find out exactly where your husband or wife is at anytime. With the graphical control panel, there will always be a map available with your automobile’s exact location. You never have to worry about your spouse or loved one's safety again.
Auto Theft

With the Geofence set, you will know instantly when your automobile travels outside a pre-selected area. Alarm conditions can also be programmed or wired into your existing car alarm to alert you when the vehicle doors are opened or the engine is started. You can even respond to these alarms by flashing the cars lights, honking the horn or disabling the starter. It is up to you how you configure this alarm system
A built in GPS receiver and vehicle tracking system allows the automobile owner to log onto the website and instantly retrieve detailed information regarding the whereabouts of any vehicle that has this GPS tracking system installed. There is no other mazda base usa auto accessory on the market like it today!
Locate your vehicle anywhere, anytime
Enable / Disable the Starter
Get alerts via any web enabled device
Lock / unlock the doors
Honk the horn
Get notified when your vehicle moves
Low monthly fee (less than $10.00 / month)

Hidden Installation

The GPS / cellular antenna is the only GPS antenna that does not need to be installed within plain site. It can be installed under the dash, backseat or many other areas within the vehicle for a completely covert installation of this vehicle tracking system. No one will ever know your vehicle is being monitored over the Internet. Installation is easy.

Vehicle Tracking System
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With this GPS vehicle tracking system, you can:
- Find your vehicle's Location, Speed, and Direction
- Enable and disable your vehicle's starter and auto accessories
- Get vehicle security system, boundary or speeding alerts
- Receive alerts via email, pager or web enabled phone
- Low monthly fee (less than $10.00 / month)

Control your GPS vehicle tracking system over the Internet:
- Flash lights
- Honk the horn
- Lock / unlock the doors
- Enable / disable the starter

A graphical web based interface makes it fun to interact with your vehcile tracking system. This make your car alarm the most exciting part of your automobile. Click here to see a demo.

Click here for more info on this GPS vehicle tracking system.

Your auto alarm will call or email you if one of the following violations occurs:

- The automobile has moved outside a given location (Geofence).
- Door or trunk has been unlocked or opened.
- Any unauthorized entry has occurred.

Log onto the web and interact with your GPS vehicle tracking system today!